Roku Account Setup using Roku Com Link

It is very simple to get a Roku account. For the first time, you just have to go ahead and open a browser, go to Roku’s website (Roku Com Link) and enter your credentials. You can also club this with the installation process of your player. You can do all of these processes very smoothly by following instructions at Roku Com Link.

Roku Account Setup using Roku Com Link

Roku Account Setup using Roku Com Link

Set up your Roku from scratch

  • There are basically three steps involved when you get your Roku.
    • Internet connection
    • Software update – this usually happens by itself
    • Activating your device – The procedure includes setting up of your Roku account
  • You will plug the device into the mains and hook it up to your TV and proceed with the rest of the steps
  • Before you do that you have a few other stages to complete so that you can access all of the features of the player
  • Do these basic steps correctly to get the Roku up and working correctly

Player installation

Generally, after you have selected all the options through the guide, the Roku will try and set a connection to the internet and then it will update the software by checking the servers. Finally, the player is activated, during which it will help you subscribe to the channel line-up available for you. A load of free channels is available so do not really have to worry about paying for anything right away. You can always explore the free shows on the player’s channel store before you subscribe to any paid ones.

Connecting to the internet

The Roku Ultra is an advanced device that comes with both wired and wireless capabilities. But there are also other cheaper devices available in the market that can connect only to the wireless. All these players come with their unique features.

  • The Roku Ultra comes with a ‘Quick Start Guide’ that provides you instructions for setting up the player
  • The beauty of the Ultra is also its ‘Private Listening’ mode that can be activated through the remote control
  • As usual, you will need an HDMI cable to connect the player to the TV
  • First, look for the relevant port on your television set
  • You also have to select the same input on the TV after you have connected the player

Turning on the devices

  • Always use the AC adaptor to connect the player directly to the power outlet
  • The Roku logo appears on the TV
  • Now, activate the remote control by inserting the batteries into them
  • Pair the player and the remote and get the activation code

The inimitable Roku account

  • You can even set up a Roku account without using a credit card
  • Go to the ‘Create your Roku Account’ screen to type all your credentials
  • Enter your PIN preferences
  • At the next screen, when you have to enter your credit card information all you have to do is choose ‘Skip, I’ll add later’
  • Then, click on the ‘Link a Device’ option and you will see a receipt on the next screen with a ‘0’ balance
  • Click on ‘Continue’ and your account is created.

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