Roku Setup Problems

Setup your Roku streaming device to watch your favorite Programs. Essential steps are to be followed to complete the setup process effectively.  Most often users come across errors during the and it is important to resolve it.

Roku Setup Problems

Roku Setup Problems

How to resolve Roku setup problems

Here are the steps to complete Roku setup Problems successfully…….

Error while entering the link code on the website

  • If you come across errors while entering the Roku link code on the website, check if you use a valid activation code
  • It is suggested to get a new code, if the existing code is not working, click or press the star button on your remote to get a new code
  • It is essential to perform all the activation steps and try not to miss these steps

Unable to connect to the Network

  • Internet Connection is essential to activate any model of Roku streaming device. If you find issues with the Internet connection, the first thing you can do is to check the network settings(To check the settings, go to Settings > Network)
  • Users must enter the correct username and the Password for your Network. If you do not remember the password, use remember password option
  • Check your Router. Do not connect multiple devices to the router.
  • If you want to improve the wireless signal strength, try using the wireless range extenders.
  • Never connect multiple devices to the Router
  • Most of the users try restarting the Roku streaming device and the Router to remove the network connection errors.
  • You can use the Settings >System > System Restart to restart the Roku streaming device. Restarting your router can also help you a lot to avoid the network errors. Get the instructions from the ISP or router vendor to restart the router

Problems with the Roku remote

  • Remove the batteries from your remote and then insert it back again. Always hold the remote straight to the Roku streaming device and the Roku TV
  • Buy a new remote, if the existing remote is not working
  • Check if your remote is overheated if so place the remote on a cool surface

Unplug all the cables from your Roku streaming device. Plug it back again after some time. Always use good quality cables (HDMI cables or Power cables).

To know more about how to resolve Roku setup problems, dial the toll-free number +1-866-993-1580 or visit