Activate Roku Device Using

The Roku device is an ultimate streaming device which can be setup and activated easily on the website. Find easy to follow guidelines available on our website for each and every step that is associated with your Roku player starting from setup till the channel activation process.

Activate or Link your Roku Device using

Activate or Link your Roku Device using

Setting up the Roku with your TV

The Roku can be setup with a TV and the type of TV depends completely on the streaming device. For instance, if you have an Ultra you need a 4K or HDR TV and a normal HD TV would suffice for an Express or Express plus model.

  • Use a high-speed HDMI cable
  • Connect one end to the TV
  • And the other open end to your Roku
  • In case of an older TV, you need a composite cable and a corresponding converter
  • Connect one end of the composite cable to your converter
  • And then, connect the other end to your TV
  • Use the HDMI out from the converter now
  • Connect it to the Roku player

This way you have successfully established a connection with the TV and you begin the next process of connecting the Roku to the internet.

Network Connections


Almost all Roku players support a wireless connection and therefore we will first look into how you can connect your devices.

  • On your Roku, complete initial setup steps first
  • This may involve language settings and location settings in most cases
  • After which, you can select a connection type
  • Choose it as wireless
  • The device automatically turns on its wireless receiver
  • This way, your router and its signal will be visible to your Roku
  • The Roku picks up these signals and will ask to be authenticated
  • Once you authenticate using the correct password, the setup is complete
  • In case of issues, contact your ISP
  • Or maybe you can try connecting to another network if available


Like we mentioned earlier, only a few devices support the wired network connection type. The devices which support this feature are Premiere plus and Ultra and this is how you can connect them to your router’s LAN port;

  • Make sure you have a good quality Ethernet cable before you begin
  • Connect its one end to your Roku
  • And then, the other open end to the router’s available LAN port
  • If you do not have any vacant ports, disconnect an existing device
  • Now, check if the device is able to connect to the internet
  • If not, then you may have to get assistance

After completing the network setup, you need an account to activate your device. In order to create this account, you can take help from the below-given instructions.

Account – the Most Essential Component

Without an account, you cannot complete activation and without activation, you will never be able to use your Roku. So, here is a three-step quick process for account creation.

  • Log into the Roku website and go directly to the sign-up page
  • Enter your personal, payment and billing details and submit all relevant online forms
  • Once accepted, use the sign-in page for reconfirmation

If this did not help you complete the account creation, then you can setup your own account by calling our toll-free number +1-866-993-1580.

Activation – Account and an Activation Code

You literally need only two things for activating your Roku apart from the device itself. One is your account and the other is the activation code. The activation code can be retrieved from your very own Roku as soon as you establish a network connection. And in case your code has expired, you can always generate a new code.

Using an Existing Code

  • Login to your Roku account
  • And then, immediately navigate to the activation page
  • Use the LINK A DEVICE option now
  • And enter the code in the respective text box
  • Submit the same and wait for a confirmation
  • It will take a few minutes

Generating a New Code

  • Using the HELP menu, you can get a new code
  • Once the code is generated, you can complete activation as usual

For any other queries or troubleshooting assistance, reach out to our website and its representatives who will be ready to help out 24/7.