Get Your Roku Activation Code

If you have bought a Roku player and want to stream the latest movies, TV shows, and related content, then get a Roku Activation Code. Now, if you have to obtain the activation code, you have to install your player first. For this, you also require a Roku account. And finally, to create an account you must go to, after which you get to enter the code.

Roku Activation Code

Roku Activation Code

Obtaining the activation code

  • Connect the TV set to the Roku player
  • Use the HDMI cable to do this and select the appropriate input from the screen when prompted
  • Check for the ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ key on your remote to do the needful
  • Follow on-screen guidelines to select your language, region and then the display type
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi; the player automatically checks the area for wireless networks
  • Alternatively, if your Roku is capable of a wired connection, then attach the USB cable to select your preferred network
  • Once you have done that, the player connects the internet, updates the software and then throws up the code

Create an account and enter the code

  • On your computer or your smartphone, open a web browser and create an account from Roku’s home page
  • Then go to and enter the unique activation code seen on the screen
  • This will complete your activation process

What is product activation?

While we talk a lot about Roku’s activation and code generation, there is very little that we actually know about the technicality of the process. A  license validation procedure for product activation in a software was invented in the United States. One of the biggest uses of this step is that it inhibits unlimited replicated usages of a software. If it remains inactivated, the software just does not work. When you activate, the proprietary utility of a software unlocks. Activation can either have a time limit or can just last forever like the Roku Activation Code.

How does the activation process work?

A unique installation ID is generated when the software application maps the data or the serial number of the product. The authenticity of this unique ID has an online verification process. The manufacturer ensures that the code is used for a particular device at one time only. Now along with the unique ID, when the user installs the product it corroborates with vendor systems. The product once enabled for use, terminates any communication between the user and the vendor systems.

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