Activate Hulu on Roku

Hulu activation needs only things such as a supported device and an account with a valid subscription. If everything goes well, then you will easily be able to activate the channel on your desired device without any hurdles. If, on the other hand, you do seem to face issues during the Roku process, you can try out the remedies that we have listed below. Roku Roku

Subscription – Are There Any Problems

In most cases, users may be using an expired subscription to access the Hulu channel on another device. In such instances, you will be able to login to your account but not be able to access any videos on it. If this is the problem that you are currently facing, then you must;

  • Open the Hulu website on a supported web browser
  • Then, go to the login page
  • Now, with your account info login
  • Navigate to the Account page
  • The billing status must then be checked
  • It will be available on the top left corner
  • Some example status messages that denote that your subscription is no longer valid are;
    • Hold
    • Expired card
  • You can update this info according to the status message that you receive
  • And then, refresh the account to check the status once again
  • If you still seem to face issues, then get in touch with an expert

An Incorrect Password

Password failure is the most common cause for you not being able to login to the account or complete the Roku of the channel.

  • Check if your caps lock key is on
  • Also, verify if the Num lock key in turned on
  • And be sure that you are using the registered email address for this
  • If none of these are turned on, then you might have forgotten your password
  • In which case, you can reset it
  • A corresponding reset link will be sent to your email ID
  • This is the one that you had registered with the channel
  • Use it and create a new password
  • And make sure you note it down somewhere safe

Recovering an Email Address

This happens in cases where users are unsure of the email address that they had registered with the channel. To protect privacy and security of your account, Hulu will not reveal this info on their website and instead you must contact them personally to retrieve this info. After recovering the email address, you can effectively begin the activation process provided you have your password and have already installed the app.


  • Keep your account info ready and then launch the app on your device
  • When prompted to login, use the credentials of your Hulu account
  • After successful login, you can start streaming TV show videos and movies

Some of the issues that we have mentioned in this article can be persistent and even difficult to troubleshoot. In which case, we implore that you call us right away at our toll-free support number +1-866-993-1580 or visit us at and seek the correct guidance to complete Roku.