How to Activate Philo On Roku

If you are a fan of live TV but still want to become a cord cutter at a minimal expense, then you must activate Philo on Roku. The main focus of this service lies in channels that fall under the categories

  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Knowledge programming

In these, it offers around 40 channels for a monthly subscription plan costing just about $16. If you wish to have this channel on your Roku device or Roku TV, first let’s have a look if your device is compatible with the service.

Activate Philo on Roku

Activate Philo on Roku

Compatible Devices

  • Roku LT
  • Roku SE and Roku HD
  • 1st gen Roku
  • 2nd gen Roku
  • 3rd gen Roku
  • 4th gen Roku
  • Roku Express and Roku Express plus
  • Roku Premiere and Premiere Plus
  • Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus from Roku
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku TVs

If you possess one of the above-mentioned devices and wish to activate Philo on Roku, then make use of the following guidelines.

Popular Channels on Philo

  • AMC
  • A&E
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC America
  • CMT
  • DIY
  • Food Network
  • OWN
  • Paramount pictures
  • MTV
  • Cheddar
  • HGTV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nickelodeon Junior
  • Life time Movies
  • GSN
  • Life time
  • TLC
  • WE
  • TV Land
  • Sundance TV
  • FYI
  • People TV
  • VH1
  • History channel

You also have the liberty to add extra channels for some additional costs provided you first subscribe to their service. Moreover, you get a free 7-day trial which is more than enough time to judge their service.

Activating a Bundle App on Roku

Services like Philo are also referred to as a bundle app by Roku users simply because they are the store point of all channels. Activating such services are very similar to a paid channel activation on Roku. You just add the app to your device or Roku com link account first and then activate it using your subscription info. For step-by-step guidance, you can either follow the text below or call us at our toll-free support number +1-866-993-1580.

  • After device activation, go to the Streaming Channels option
  • Now, look for the Philo TV app
  • Add it once you locate it
  • You can use the ADD CHANNEL button for this
  • In order to activate it, you must have paid a subscription towards it
  • Although, you have a trial period first, you might still have to provide your card info
  • And then, cancel the subscription after the trail gets over
  • However, remember to cancel it within the first seven days
  • Otherwise, you may end up paying for the first month too
  • Now, coming back to subscription, you need to visit the Philo website for it
  • Create an account with them
  • And then, choose a plan and also pay for it
  • Use this account to activate Philo on Roku

Once you do that, you get unlimited access to all the channels that you were promised in your subscription plan. If any channel is missing, you can always call up the Philo helpline or Roku Customer Service Phone Number, and find out if they have any issue with their server.