Watch Google Play Music on Roku Using Google Play Music App

Most of the Android device users make use of the Google Play Music App for their musical needs. Therefore, extending your music library to your Roku and allowing everyone to enjoy the music that you love is a great feeling. To do just that, you can now activate Google Play Music on Roku and let your friends and family share your favorite music.

This is a premium app and is compatible with almost all types of Roku devices that are currently available on the market. Also, a few of the older versions too have the minimum requirements to support this channel. So, let’s start the setup process to know if your device really does support the app. Or, otherwise, you can also visit our website to deal with this dilemma and find an answer.

Google Play Music on Roku

Google Play Music on Roku

Why Should you Choose the Google Play Music app?

  • Easy to browse and add new songs
  • User-friendly application
  • Also, allows streaming of online content
  • Huge database with more than 40-million choices
  • Spread across various languages and genres
  • Offers a free account
  • Each account can hold around 50K songs
  • Compatibility across platforms and devices
  • Radio station support
  • This includes both local and international
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • A few examples include ALAC, MP3, WMA and FLAC
  • Also, you can find on-demand music
  • There is a menu categorizing your content
  • Menu options include
    • Playlists
    • Artists
    • Albums
    • Stations
    • Genres
    • Songs

How to Add and Enjoy Google Play Music on Roku

Once you make a decision for adding the app, you need our easy-to-follow guidelines to complete the activation process.

    • The TV and the Roku must be powered on first
    • to access the HOMESCREEN, use the Roku remote
    • Go to the Channel store
    • Explore your options and find the Google Play Music app
    • Install the app with the Add Channel option
    • Once installation is complete, launch the app
    • Using your login credentials to sign in to the app
    • On your screen, a code will be displayed
  • Note it down
  • On another device, login to the Google account
  • You need to make changes to PERMISSIONS
  • Change it to necessary
  • The account can be used free of cost
  • There is also a premium-paid version

Points to note

  • Google PIN and Roku PIN are different
  • Every time you open the app, you need to login to your account
  • You can use only one Google account with each Roku

Using Multiple Google Accounts

If at all you have another friend visit and they have a better music library than you, then you can login to that account on your Roku.

  • To access the HOMESCREEN, use the Roku remote
  • Open the Google Play Music on Roku app
  • Navigate to the SETTINGS menu -> SIGN OUT -> and then, SIGN OUT

Sometimes, there may be issues while you try to stream online content with your Google Play Music account in which case you can call us @ +1-866-993-1580 for help.