How About Streaming The Roku Channel On Your Smartphone Or PC?

Yes, you did read it right!! Roku has an exclusive free channel called the Roku Channel which features top free content from across the internet. On this channel, you can watch news, TV shows, movies and sometimes even exclusive celeb interviews. Moreover, the good thing about this is that the channel is going to be available for all users who have access to a smartphone, PC or tablet. The Roku channel is now available on the web and this way you can enjoy content from popular channels such as CW, ABC, Pluto TV and much more.

Roku Free Streaming Services on Web - Roku Channel

Roku Free Streaming Services on Web – Roku Channel

Why was this move taken?

We believe that Roku has taken this initiative simply because it wants users to be able to enjoy their content on multiple platforms; not just on a Roku player but also on a Google or Apple device. Google and Apple are very tough competitors in the market and ramming the channel on their devices is a great move. We have to however wait and watch as to how both these streaming device giants are going to respond to this shocker from Roku.

Do you need an app?

You will basically need the Roku App installed either on your smartphone or PC to enjoy this current enhancement from Roku. Though, it is used primarily as a remote control for your Roku devices, you can also use it to stream the Roku channel in the future. It is believed that they are also planning to bring in a few other streaming channels on the same app. That would change the game completely for all the competitors who have been pouring in their resources to outsmart Roku.

Install and Activate the Channel on your Mobile

This channel is available on the internet free of cost and therefore finding it and streaming it should be cake walk. Once you launch the channel, follow the below steps to access the special Roku features on it.

  • Go to menu
  • Access the Featured Free option
  • It is a gateway for content across the platform
  • Watch ad sponsored free content

To know how to access free titles from many of the partnering channels on the Roku channel, give us a call at our toll-free number +1-866-993-1580.

Where does the content come from?

It is never really clear as to how the Roku channel sources its video content; all we know is that it is from the top free channels on the same platform. For example, you can stream the following list of movies on the channel;

  • Legally Blonde
  • Ali
  • The Karate Kid
  • Up in the Air

And the sponsoring channel will earn it up in ad revenue which is a mutually beneficial relationship for both sides.

Channel Activation Assistance

Additonally, if you need any help in adding the Roku channel on your Roku or other mobile devices, then visit our website We will have a relevant article to help you out with the activation steps.