Setup Roku Account

Learn how to use Roku com link to Setup Roku Account

Roku setup overview

Roku helps you stream your favorite content on the big screen. Setup Roku Account to activate your Roku streaming device and enjoy the amazing content. To create the account, you must have all the essential requisites such as username, password, email ID and good speed network connection. Execute the onscreen guide to complete the process. Log in and link the streaming device using the channel activation code. The best part is that the setup and activation process remains the same for all the latest streaming device models. Execute the troubleshooting guide if you come across any errors.

Activation of Roku

You need to activate your Roku device before you begin adding different channels.

1.First thing is, you need to note down the Roku activation code that appears on your TV screen.

2.Then, log into your Roku account on your PC/Laptop/Mobile to enter the code

3.Select the SUBMIT button to begin the activation process

4.It will take a few minutes and hence, you must be patient when doing this step

5.Check if your Roku’s serial number appears in your account information to confirm the activation

Roku Channel Activation

  • First, go to the streaming channels option on your Roku home screen
  • Here you will find a variety of channels and app which you can then add to your device
  • To do so, just select each icon and then press the OK button on your device remote
  • Finally, the channel is added to your device
  • Browse the Roku channel store in the TV and Movies genre
  • Search for and locate the channel and then, select the ADD CHANNEL option
  • Now, you are redirected to the Roku com link account log in page
  • Use your credentials (username and password) and then open your Roku com link account
  • Then, provide your Roku account’s PIN depending on your account settings

Roku Setup Process

In brief, the setup Roku account process has the following steps

  1. To begin with, create an account on Roku com link website.
  2. Then, activate the device using the Roku activation link code
  3. Enter Roku code that appears on your TV screen.
  4. Finally, access the website and add channels to your Roku account.
Setup Roku account

During the setup, you will face certain issues. Here are some common issues and the corresponding action to be followed.

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Roku Com Link Not Displayed on TV

TV not displaying the link screen

  • First, check if the Roku is turned ON
  • Also, check the power adaptor and the power source
  • Then, troubleshoot the high-speed HDMI cable
  • Otherwise, check the composite cable connected between the Roku and the TV

Device does not recognize the Wi-Fi network

  • On this occasion, check if you are connecting to the correct network
  • Verify the name and password corresponding to the network from another device
  • Otherwise, access the router settings and obtain the relevant details
  • Now, re-connect to the network using the correct credentials
  • Also, the network password is case sensitive
  • Therefore, make sure you enter the password carefully

Device does not recognize the LAN

  • First, make sure that your router is powered ON
  • Check the corresponding power adapter and cables
  • Then, check the Ethernet cable connected between the router and the Roku
  • Also, replace any faulty cables
  • Now, re-connect to the network using the Ethernet cable
  • Call the Roku support number if you are unable to connect to your network

Linking multiple devices to the same link account

  • It is possible to link multiple streaming devices to the same account
  • However, you need to create an account with
  • Then, obtain the Roku activation code for the first device
  • Next, open the account and navigate to the LINK A DEVICE menu
  • Here, enter Roku code
  • Finally, the first device is linked to the Roku account
  • Make a note of the Roku activation link code for the second device
  • Link this device to the account using the latest link code
  • And then, repeat the process for the remaining Roku devices

Setting up Roku without credit card or PayPal

  • First, navigate to Roku com link webpage
  • Then, navigate to the SIGN UP page for Setup Roku Account
  • Here, enter your personal details on the first webpage
  • Next, enter your PIN and its preference in the second webpage
  • Navigate to the third webpage
  • Now, do not enter your credit card or PayPal account details
  • Instead, close the browser window and open it once again
  • Go to the LOG IN page for Roku in Roku com link
  • Here, enter the username and password used for the sign up
  • Thus, you have successfully created a link account without your payment info

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